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The 300th.Kögel trailer for the Jenty group

The 300th.Kögel trailer for the Jenty group 

Burtenbach, 4th. July 2012

  • Kögel Mega TIR: bonded volume transport 
  • Jenty receives five new Mega trailers 

The Belarus-Austrian joint venture Jenty now has a total of 300 Kögel semi-trailers in its fleet after receiving five new Kögel Mega TIR trailers for the Westintertrans forwarding company. These Mega curtain-sider trucks without platform gate are ideally suited not only for domestic transportation but also for deployment in trans-border transportation. For Westintertrans, that to Jenty belong, a loyal customer of Kögel for many years, these volume marvels from the Burtenbach trailer manufacturer play an important role in their strategy of growth.

Kögel Mega TIR

Kögel combines the well-known advantages of a Mega curtain-sider truck without platform gate with the deployment capability for trans-border transportation. This makes the trailer capable of being deployed flexibly, either simply and quickly with the tarpaulin tensioners for domestic transportation, or with customs seal for trans-border transportation. The Mega TIR trailer is perfectly suited to classic standard tasks and to use for volume transport. This means that, because of its internal height of three metres, three pallet cages can easily be stacked one on another. The standard mechanical-hydraulic lifting roof increases the through-loading height to the side and to the rear to three metres. This makes loading and unloading easier. In addition, this entirely eliminates the straps snagging on the load. Because the straps integrated in the roof tarpaulins do not hang down when the roof is open.

Special Westintertrans equipment

 Optimum load-securing is ensured by the five Kögel Mega TIR having a Vario-Fix steel perforated external frame with 13 pairs of lashing rings and with one pair on the front wall. The steel cramping rails also serve as pallet stop rails. The trailers are, of course, certified to DIN EN 12642 Code XL. The front wall insides are also reinforced with a two millimetre thick and 1,250 mm high galvanised steel plate to permit increased front wall loading. In addition, the forwarding company has chosen to have bellows pressure gauges fitted for reliable axial load monitoring. Westintertrans has also chosen to have the following solutions available from Kögel for easier loading and unloading: The corner posts on the back wall can each be extended laterally by 500 millimetres. To provide a complete loading facility from above, the sliding roof can also be moved from the front to the back.

"We make very high quality demands on ourselves and our vehicles, and for this reason we have placed our trust for many years in the high-quality and sturdy trailers supplied by Kögel“, says Alexander Maschkantsev, CEO at Westintertrans. "We are particularly impressed by the flexible deployment facility of the Kögel Mega TIR trailers, whether domestically or in customs bonded transport."

Photo: The 300th. Kögel trailer for the Jenty group

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